Canamer Timeline

  • 1976

    US Patent 3,949,527 is issue for the first banded retention system enabling stage covering and removal

  • 1977

    Canamer provides Connecticut DOT covering services for 10 reserve stockpiles at a substantially lower cost than building

  • 1978

    Canadian Patent 1,036,457 replicating US patent and banded retention system in Canada

  • 1979

    AgriGuard on farm storage system is designed and promoted

  • 1980

    Polycan trademark for industrial fabrics is filed

  • 1981

    Polycan and AgriGuard trademarks are filed

  • 1982

    Canamer provides covering, aeration and installation service for Mexican Dept of Agriculture

  • 1983

    Canamer acquires Laurie’s Custom Canvas. West Palm Beach, Florida

  • 1984

    Canamer incorporates Cover Tec, Inc. for manufacture of covers

  • 1985

    Canamer incorporates construction group and installs its first containment geomembrane liner

  • 1988

    Canamer in conjunction with Poly-America, Inc installs state of the art seven lay synthetic landfill liner 1.5 million sq feet

  • 1989

    Canamer provides and installed ten reusable storage covers and installation in Mexico for Sorghum and Wheat

  • 1990

    US Patent 4,897,970 is issued Eliminating Encephalitis from Mosquitoes and the first downdraft aeration system

  • 1991

    AgriGuard on farm storage systems are exported to Poland

  • 1992

    Canamer installs installation of fire pit containment liner in Alaska

  • 1993

    Canamer in conjunction with York Manufacturing exports 15 Centerfill Vinyl 500,000 grain storage covers to Iran

  • 2002

    US Gridlock Patent 6,474,022 is issued providing water tight cover, abrasion proof with no sewn seam leakage

  • 2005

    Canadian Patent 2,360,299 is issued matching US Patent and built in retention system for use with any film or fabric

  • 2009

    Canamer develops method for aeration free grain storage system using Gridlock second generation technology

  • 2010

    Canamer files application for U.S. Patent on Envelope storage system with rodent control

  • 2012

    Beginning of Canamer international expanding

  • 2014

    Establishment of Canamer Europe and Canamer India

  • 2014

    Canamer stored over 2 million tons in North America

  • 2016

    Installation of Canamer OnStore grain Storage in Serbia


Canamer Timeline
Canamer Timeline
Canamer Timeline
Canamer Timeline
Canamer Timeline