Canamer storage system has capacity of 750 tons to 250.000 tones depending on type of product that is stored.

Our systems are quick solution for un-predictable harvest and the best solution for expansion of existing storage capacities.

Setting up of Canamer grain storage system as extension of existing silo (metal or concrete) is ideal much cheaper and equally safe solution. Reloading from existing silos to Canamer storage system is the best way to keep the grain stored and unspoiled for 3 – 4 years and relieves silos for grain from new harvest

Process of setting up Canamer storage systems

Process of setting up Canamer storage systems:

  1. The key issue about installation of Canamer storage system is to choose the right product. Shape of the pile depends on shape and size of plot, type of product that should be stored, availability and convenience of other storage capacities and personal preferences of the customer.
  2. Beginning of each installation is preparation of the ground. Ground should be cleared of stones and an anchor trench should be made on 3-4 sides of the ground on which the pile will be placed. This will prevent moisture to rise from the ground into the grain. Next step is to place and secure the bottom of the tarp.
  3. There is a possibility to add walls to storage system that will increase the volume of storage. Walls can be made of wood, metal or concrete.
  4. In order to preserve grain moisture level, aeration system should be placed inside and over the storage system. This is system of plastic pipes and suction vacuum fans.
  5. After the preparation is completed, the process of stacking the grain takes place. Using the adequate machinery like augers, belt conveyors, anchor trench, the grain is loaded. The grain is unloaded on the storage floor, from where it will begin to gather until a natural slope is formed to the height of the loading machinery and fill in the maximum capacity of storage system. It is of utmost importance that the stacking occurs in dry weather so the moisture level of the product is not compromised.
  6. Synchronization of the stacking and covering is necessary in order to avoid the potential harm caused by unfavorable weather conditions. Process of covering the pile with special Canamer fabric lasts 2-4 days depending of quantity of grain.
  7. Once the pile is covered, sealing of cover and bottom of the tarp is done by Canamer installation team.
  8. The next step is activation of the aeration fans which will extract the air from inside the cover and compress the grain under atmospheric pressure in order to achieve the compacting process. The grain is preserved for 2 to 3 years.

Once it is decided to uncover and unload the grain, the cover is sent back to the factory for inspection and cleaning. Canamer is in charge of the logistics and maintenance that will enable customer to have cover ready for the next season harvest.

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