Canamer Agricultural storage systems

Our systems are quick solution for un-predictable harvest and the best solution for expansion of existing storage capacities. Setting up of Canamer grain storage system as extension of existing silo (metal or concrete) is ideal much cheaper and equally safe solution. Reloading from existing silos to Canamer storage system is the best way to keep the grain stored and unspoiled for 3 – 4 years and relieves silos for grain from new harvest

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Advantages of Our Agricultural storage systems

The purpose of storage is to prevent grain loss caused by adverse weather, moisture, rodents, birds, insects and micro-organisms like fungi. Typical silo is made on logistically optimized spot, but also where owner has organized permits. Usually storage capacity is either concrete silo or metal bins. Canamer upgraded storage system by flexible solutions.

Light in weight and mobile

Easy to relocate and assemble with low transportation and staff cost.


Anti-rodent, water resist, wind and air resist , protected from insects and fungi.

Tailor made

Shape and size depend of grain that will be stored and size of plot.


Up to 12 times per metric tons of stored grain cheaper

Quick to implement

Easy access during busy grain seasons only 3 days to set up

Durable and reusable

Can be reused for the next harvest.

Welcome to Canamer Europe

Canamer Europe was established in 2014, as  the beginning of expansion Canamer International to markets outside of America.

For over four decades, Canamer® International has been providing reliable, cost-effective products to companies utilizing industrial fabrics. In the early 70?s Canamer® pioneered a covering system for which a patent was obtained in both the United States and Canada.

Over the years, Canamer® has expanded its operations to include coverings for a variety of bulk commodities used by government, agricultural and chemical industries. In 1982, trademarks on Polycan™ and AgriGuard™ were acquired to identify these specialty fabrics and aeration systems in the market place. Another patent was obtained in 1990 for a more ecological storage solution for bulk commodities. With improved aeration control, this system meets or exceeds the quality of any other conventional grain storage system at a much lower cost.

About Us

• More than 40 years of experience
100% satisfied customers
6 patents in United States & Canada
More than 70 applications of product
Stored over 2 million tons in North America during 2014


Each and every application consist of implementation unique storing and cover techniques. Canamer offers a diversification in different areas that are tailor fitted for customer needs

Agricultural application

In combination with a developed and tested aeration system, Canamer offers perfect and easy to access storage to a variety of grains. Preserving the quality and the moisture level is of the paramount importance. This is where Canamer provides customers with a modernized and low-cost solution to storing Agricultural products. Canamer also can provide fabrics for preservation of other agricultural commodities such as bulk fertilizer, liquid fertilizer and hay stacks that will insure environmental protection.

Recreational application

The recreational industry is in demand for a high quality and durable material, aimed at providing protection (shelter) against different weather conditions for years to come. Canamer covers have the characteristics of retaining heat. This offers low-cost solution in terms of energy consumption.

Enviromental application

With the level of environmental consciousness gaining ground in the social responsible economy, Canamer offers an inexpensive way of meeting the norm set by the Government. Our recyclable and easy to remove covers encompass a great buffer between the environment and the potentially harmful material.

Industrial application

Canamer covers offer myriad Industrial applications. Beside the practical use of the easy to use, cost efficient material, lies a prospect of ordering the material in different colors and design patterns. This allows customers to have access to a marketing platform by applying their insignia to the material. Covers produced by Canamer are durable, lightweight, and waterproof. They are made for easy handling and resistible to stains, punctures and abrasions.

Types of Storage

There are several options that should be determine what Canamer  storage system is the best to buy: type of grain, size of plot, equipment, disposal of existing storage capacities. Depending on a number of factors, storage system can be in different shapes, with aeration or without aeration, with or without walls. Read more…

Cone storage system
Storage system without aeration
Bunker storage system
Storage system with walls
Storage system with aeration
Grain pyramid

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